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I Thought of My Father While Shaving

As the holidays roll around, I find I truly miss some people in my life. My parents I miss the most. My dad has been on my mind the greatest this last week.
To all of you missing people this time of year, please, enjoy a little poem I wrote for Dad. I will post one for my Mom next week.

I Thought of My Father While Shaving

I thought of my father today while shaving, Since his death, it’s answers that I’ve been craving.

Reminiscences flood my mind from yesteryear, As I stand frozen before my mirror.

I recall looking up at a face much like mine, Memories are sporadic from somewhere back in time.

Recollections of the two of us, standing before a different mirror, Echoes of timeless reflections, so dear.

I see him, so bright, razor in hand, foam on face. Him, looking down at me from a wiser place.

He’s clearing his throat through a hidden foam frown, and saying: “Son, remember, your strokes must always go down.”

I recall, he would giggle and grin as his beard became thin, And I’d think– I can’t wait to be him.

I thought of my father today while shaving, In his absence, it’s answers that I’ve been craving

For today, when I look down from the mirror, what do I see? Two little ones of my own staring up at me.

In my mind, the questions start again, will I ever be free? How will these two sets of eyes, someday, reflect on me?

Will I be extended the same kindness and grace? When they, someday, reflect on this tired old face.

Will they recall my advice and guidance, and will it be enough? Will they be prepared for when life gets crazy, when life gets tough?

Fear is fogging my mind and the mirror, yet, I can clearly see, I do not shave as my father taught it to me

For in this life now I have found, It takes an upward stroke to keep those whiskers down

Not all advice will be heeded; not all advice will be taken, But dear God, help me guide these little ones to the path that should be taken.

No, not all advice is heeded, not all advice is taken. But Dad, my heart still longs for you whenever I am shaving.

CB Scott

Excerpt from: God’s In the Garden  Coming February 10th. 2020  Available for preorder now 

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Dr. Cory B. Scott has had an adventurous career that has afforded him the honor of such titles as Reverend, Deputy, Executive, Director, Lieutenant, Doctor, and finally, his true passion, Professor.

But those titles were just masks; his official titles are, Daddy, Husband, Brother, Friend, Uncle, Mentor, and finally, in 2019, he was awarded his true love, Grandpa.

Cory has survived some devastating tragic events and personal failures in his life. These experiences have given him deep insight and a desire to help others overcome personal obstacles and transform their tragedies into sacred gurus who teach and strengthen.

Cory weaves original artwork, poetry, and short stories in an incredible memoir titled, "Gods in the Garden." This book captures the essence of a survivor's journey through abuse, pain, loss, betrayal, and enlightenment.

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  1. Beautiful poem. It shows how the past effected us, effects us today, and how it can carry on in the future. It’s amazing the effect that our parents have on us as youngsters as well as when they are gone. It is our decision to carry on the good lessons to our children, not the negative ones.


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