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Merry Christmas Neighbor

This time of year, it isn’t very easy to avoid acknowledging the real purpose of the season, at least, somewhere deep inside. This is primarily true if you were raised in a hyper-religious environment, as I was. For some of us, the seasons’ origins bring anger; for others, it brings wonder. Yet, for most, it is a season of love and family time.

No matter what demands our particular brand of faith has imposed on us, no matter how much bitterness we may still carry inside. No matter how much we strive for perfection, we can acknowledge one thing above all else; that we can fulfill all expectations that truly matter with the sacred command of the one who brought us this season, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

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Dr. Cory B. Scott has had an adventurous career that has afforded him the honor of such titles as Reverend, Deputy, Executive, Director, Lieutenant, Doctor, and finally, his true passion, Professor.

But those titles were just masks; his official titles are, Daddy, Husband, Brother, Friend, Uncle, Mentor, and finally, in 2019, he was awarded his true love, Grandpa.

Cory has survived some devastating tragic events and personal failures in his life. These experiences have given him deep insight and a desire to help others overcome personal obstacles and transform their tragedies into sacred gurus who teach and strengthen.

Cory weaves original artwork, poetry, and short stories in an incredible memoir titled, "Gods in the Garden." This book captures the essence of a survivor's journey through abuse, pain, loss, betrayal, and enlightenment.

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