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My Grandbaby Took His First Step

With all the craziness of 2020, it is vital to take a moment, here and there, to sit back and enjoy life. With the forced stay at home orders and Covid-19 disruptions, our lives have also come to a forced pause, a time to smell the roses if you will.

One thing I will forever be grateful for is that this time has forced me to be at home with family, and I will forever remember that I was there when my grandson took his first step, something that I certainly would have missed if not for the events of 2020.

Will 2020 go down as the worst year ever? I think that is our choice and a matter of our chosen perspectives.

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Dr. Cory B. Scott has had an adventurous career that has afforded him the honor of such titles as Reverend, Deputy, Executive, Director, Lieutenant, Doctor, and finally, his true passion, Professor.

But those titles were just masks; his official titles are, Daddy, Husband, Brother, Friend, Uncle, Mentor, and finally, in 2019, he was awarded his true love, Grandpa.

Cory has survived some devastating tragic events and personal failures in his life. These experiences have given him deep insight and a desire to help others overcome personal obstacles and transform their tragedies into sacred gurus who teach and strengthen.

Cory weaves original artwork, poetry, and short stories in an incredible memoir titled, "Gods in the Garden." This book captures the essence of a survivor's journey through abuse, pain, loss, betrayal, and enlightenment.

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