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Inspiring, Metaphoric, and Psychedelic Stories of Oopy Loopy Provenance

A series of independent stories that take place in the inspiring, metaphoric, and psychedelic lands, caves, waters, and skies of Oopy Loopy Provenance. The murky provenances of the heart and the human condition. These stories explore the depths of our humanity. Some are cautionary tales; others are heartwarming and inspiring. They are all sure to bring life, awareness, and strength to each person who reads them.

All Stories are part of a larger project coming soon. Keep an eye out for HARVEY. You may find him on a park bench, next to you on a plane or train, he is all over and worth finding.

Volumes 1-11

1 – The Parasitic Frog

2 – The Shepherd of Olympus

3 – The Avaricious Flower

4 – Joke’s on You

5 – For Love of the Axe or the Tree

6 – Little Boy Blue with A Purple Hue

7 – Crystal People and Rock Child

8 – Billy Bob the Duck

9 – The Battle of the Pyramid Bazaar

10 – The Blue Scallywag

11 – The Circus Disaster

Books in Process

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