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Introduction to Toxic Leadership – A Free Five Part Series

Knowledge Is a Burden

Knowledge is a burden,It shrinks and erodes the magic,It withers and corrodes faith in the unseen.However, knowledge,Also, allows reason to triumph over emotion,It permits loves victory over hate,And it shows us that we are all the same,One race of humans who know very little. CB Scott 1/16/21


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About Me

Hi, I’m Cory. Previously an Executive Director and Operations Manager, I am currently a Professor at Cal Poly, Author, and consultant. I spend most of my time with my daughters, wife and grandson. After surviving some devastating leaders and toxic organizations I have developed a heart for ethical leadership. It is my hope to equip good leaders who can stand firm in the face of corruption and the vacuum of ethics that seems to be commonplace in many organizations today; from institutions of faith all the way to corporate America. Having walked through the fire, I have hope, and from this side of the equation, I see a path.

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